Sunday, 13 July 2014

What I got for my birthday

This is way after my birthday but it is explained in previous posts. I didn't want this post to be missed so here is what I got for my 16th birthday.

Dan croll's album. He was supporting Imagine dragons on their Night visions tour
 that I went to and I think his music is amazing!

self explanatory.

I shall be a busy bee reading and sewing. 

Me and my friend Amy when we were younger 

Beauty bits that have been used, I wasn't given half empty bottles

I also had money, gift cards, and chocolate which are all spent/eaten :) 

Thank you to everyone for everything, I love it all. I got more than I could ever have asked for and I am so grateful for the thought process gone into some of the gifts. They are lovely gifts from lovely people! 

*This trend is to show everyone what you got for your birthday; not to be a show-off but for everybody else to be nosy and to show your appreciation of the gifts you were given. I am not bragging at all but this was needed to be said as these posts are controversial in the blogging world.*

Monday, 7 July 2014

Birthday Celebrations

I know, I know my birthday was over a month ago but I still want to share with you what happened because it was brilliant.

Luckily enough me and lucy (the one i'm sitting next to) have our birthday within the same week so we decided to plan something together. Last year for Lucy's birthday we did laser tag and we enjoyed it so much we did it again this year. I don't have any pictures of us doing laser tag but it was great fun and I'm still terrible at it!
After, we drove down to Herne Bay where we had fish and chips on the beach. It was truly perfect (could have been less windy but what do you expect). Then home we went, well to Lucy's house for a good old chit chat around the campfire. Me and Lucy also opened our birthday presents which was lovely (thank you chums) and we had the most amazing beef burgers cooked by Lucy and Tom. I have not stopped craving beef burgers since which is strange because I never really liked them before. My mouth is watering just thinking about them so I must stop.
My 16th birthday is honestly the best birthday I've ever had by far! I wonder what next years will be like?

Friday, 4 July 2014

I'm back

Exams are over, I turned 16 and summer happened. Its all happened or should I say its finally stopped. I've been able to breathe for a bit which consequently meant that I took a break from blogging. It's been lovely to not have to revise and being able to spend time at home getting things sorted and spending time with friends and family: just enjoying all of this free time. However now comes the problem of finding things to do and getting into a routine because my body hates not being in a set routine. So step one of getting into a routine, start blogging again!

How do I go about this?

Instead of cramming everything thats happened (trust me theres a lot) into one big post I will break it down into smaller ones as I would have done. I will try to write at least one blog post each week and if I can two or three. I will just see how things go and how busy (or not so busy) my weeks are. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Happy Birthday Tom

OOTD: top New Look, Trousers ASOS, Converse, bag & necklace Primark. 

Me and Hannah on the dance machine "5 6 7 8"

Selfies with everyone 

Scared to death on a zombie simulator thing 


Wooh it was Tom's birthday yesterday so today we went bowling. We actually went bowling at the same place as last year for his birthday and I even blogged about it (hollywood bowl ). I had an amazing time despite being tragically awful at it but someone had to lose. This time round we went in the arcade before and after bowling. It was hilarious especially when me and Hannah scared Lucy and Tom in the simulator zombie thing. 

In other news I've done the cold war exam! I can't even express how happy I am it's over. It was probably the most hardest and time restricting exam on my timetable but it's over and I never have to know what happened during the cold war again. 5 exams down, 12 more to go. Not long now and then prom, yay. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Seaside OOTD//Catch up

First things first: Gingham dress £9.99 H&M, Sunglasses Primark, Boots New Look on ASOS.

Today I sported my new gingham dress in the unheard of British sun. The weather was beautiful today and as you can tell we went to the beach (along with 90% of the public). To be precise we went to Whitstable and had a smooch around the town and a wonder on the harbour, then a stroll along the beach at Seasalter. In town I went into a bookshop and bought a book called 642 fashion things to draw which has things in such as "draw what your mum would have worn in her twenties" and "draw wonder woman's suit". I can already tell i'll be up 'til midnight scrawling away.
Then I came home and did a french paper which leads me nicely onto where have I been?

You've guessed it GCSEs and sorting out my future. Well it hasn't all been exactly that.

Easter was a complete whirlwind for me. My Aunty came over from Australia with my Uncle and cousin whom we hadn't seen for three years. We spent lots of time together in the first week and went to Canterbury for the day.
At the end of that week I was off to Scotland with Emma and her family so as well as seeing my aunty I was packing like crazy. We went for a week in scotland with a stop off at the Lakes for night on the way up and a two night stay at the Lakes on the way back. I won't go into detail of everything we did but what I will say is that it was amazing and you are in constant awe. We climbed many mountains and saw the most tremendous views. Unfortunately we didn't see Nessy despite our cottage overlooking the Loch but we tried.
Once I came back from Scotland It was straight back to school but my aunty was still over so that week was pretty messed up. Especially the fact that we went to Southend that weekend for a family get together and a farewell to my Aunty. This past week has been the most normal in a while but it's going to get hectic again.

EXAMS START ON THURSDAY!!!! I can't believe it. Where has the time gone? My real GCSEs. Ahhh. So for the next however long I will be in a cave made out of past papers and revision guides, squeezing in that last bit of extra information. You probably won't see me for the next 6 weeks but I'm sure it will pay off. Bring on study leave and an extra long summer!  

At least you are up to date (i think) and I got to show off my gingham dress. I just really enjoy saying the word 'gingham' to be honest.

Oh and if you're doing your GCSEs or any other exams this summer good luck!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I made some shorts

Yippee I made something wearable. These shorts were made quite a while ago but I haven't blogged about them so its time to get all excited again.

I was roaming the internet for free downloadable patterns when I came across some quick and easy shorts to make. Patterns are ridiculously expensive these days but there are plenty of free ones on the internet it just takes a lot of searching and persistence to find what you want. So I found these shorts and I had dress ready to be cut up into something new. My nan recently gave me some clothes she was going to charity shop but we decided I could use them as material (very vintage).  Of course some of it was beyond vintage and just old but some didn't look too bad and was still good quality material.

So I turned this dress

Into these shorts

Which look like this 

Im very pleased with the end result and amazed that I have something after the sewing machine of course played up but mum was to the rescue. I can't take all the credit though as mum helped at most stages, I'm still learning and dress making is like a new language. I am getting there. 

Thank you to Elle Frost ( for her pattern as well. If you like style and are into a bit DIY I suggested you take a look at her blog. Heres the link to the shorts

Are you interested in making your own clothes? I'd love to see what other people make. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


It was pancake day yesterday (let's just say what a disaster but I had one good one) which meant today was the first day of Lent. This is my third year of giving up chocolate and each year me and Emma have faced the struggles together. 

Katie what are you thinking?!? 
I know, I know, I'm giving up the most vital thing for female life form and I adore chocolate so much just like all you other females but it's nice to give yourself a challenge. Don't get me wrong there are times when I question myself but afterwards your body feels fresh and cleansed in a weird way. 

So why do I do it? 
It's nothing religious purely just the challenge. I won't go into detail about religion because I don't wish to share my views but some people out there might think lent is just for religious people-wrong. I see it as a chance to prove to yourself you can stick to something if you work hard at it. And then there's always the reality of omg I eat way too much chocolate! I would never have done this if Emma hadn't pushed me to 2 years ago. Doing it with a friend is the best thing because you can both be grumpy together and cry about how much you need chocolate- no you keep each other going. 
Like I said before it feels like you've cleansed your insides. I always try to replace when I would've eaten a bar of chocolate with something healthy. Doesn't always work because the biscuit tin and cake tin calls but the thought is there. 

The first day of lent is over and hasn't been bad at all. I'm sure tomorrow I will be having some major cravings but as time goes on my body will adjust to the cocoa free stomach. Turning down chocolate when offered will be the hardest but if I could do it before I can do it again. 

I look forward to keeping you up to date on how lent is going. I think expressing how much I am in need of chocolate in a couple of weeks time on here will be my coping method. If I don't post my body has reacted badly and they are giving me chocolate on a drip in hospital.